Bring your Chevrolet vehicle to us at Holiday Chevrolet for all your tire needs!

Tire replacement at a dealership you can trust near Sherman, Denison and Whitesboro

If you are looking for advice on when you should replace your tires and what tires would be best for your vehicle, our Chevrolet certified service technicians at Holiday Chevrolet are here to help you.

Everyone has a different driving style, and this combined with other factors like tire maintenance and driving conditions can impact your tire wear in many ways. If you have the wrong speed rating and load, it could even void your warranty. There are ways to tell if you are getting close to needing new tires. Every tire has a built-in tread wear indicator which has bars that look like narrow strips of rubber across the tread and only appear when it is time to replace the tire.

You may also need a new tire if:

  • There is a bulge or split in the tire
  • There are three or more tread wear indicators visible around the tire
  • Either the sidewall or the tread is cut, cracked or snagged deeply enough to show fabric or cord
  • Fabric or cord is seen through the rubber
  • There is a cut, puncture or any other damage to the tire that cannot be repaired correctly

Having the proper tires on your vehicle can make a huge difference in your gas mileage, vehicle safety and longevity of both the tires and car. If you need us to replace your tires or advice on your tires from our knowledgeable technicians, Schedule Service with us today and we will make sure your car is in top shape.

Bring your Chevrolet vehicle to us at Holiday Chevrolet for all your tire needs!

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